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NWS Core Partner IDSS Notification Subscription Form


Purpose: The NWS Gray office provides email notification decision support briefing services to our core partners (see definition below) for certain types of impactful weather events.  If you are eligible and would like to subscribe for this service, please watch the short tutorial video and fill out the subscription form. 


IDSS Notification Subscription Tutorial Video


Note: If you work for a federal agency (DOD...etc) that doesn't allow access to Google Forms, please directly contact the NWS Gray office for an alternate subscription process.

NWS Core Partner Definitions:


EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT - Public safety officials who serve a government agency at the federal, state or local level and are charged with protecting the public from hazards that are influenced by weather.  This can also include critical infrastructure emergency management officials for private utility companies and hospitals.

GOVERNMENT PARTNERS - Federal, state or local government partners who have missions that require close coordination with the NWS.  This includes partners who work for public DOT, Public Works, Schools/Universities, Police, Fire & EMS, Military and Land Agencies.  

ELECTRONIC MEDIA - Parties who have a need to actively participate in discussions with the NWS on imminent weather or other hazards, and operate systems that routinely and rapidly relay weather and water watches, advisories, warnings and forecast information.

UTILITIES AND INFRASTRUCTURE - Utilities that fall within the Water Resources Management Community (hydro power, dam operators, water supply) and the EM function of certain utilities that fall within state level EOC response during natural disaster response. 


Subscribe as a NWS Gray Core Partner


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Once you have subscribed you will automatically receive email notifications for your defined significant weather events.  Please unsubscribe from this service if you no longer wish to receive emails.  If you have any questions, please email or call 207-688-3221 ext. 223