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Changes to Cumberland County, Maine Public Forecast Zone to Improve Service


On or around March 3, 2020, the National Weather Service in Gray, Maine will make an update to their public forecast zone layout in Cumberland County, Maine to improve service to our partners.  Currently, Cumberland County is broken into two zones for public forecasts:  Interior Cumberland County and Coastal Cumberland County.  In the new configuration, an additional zone will be added to break the Interior Cumberland County into Central Interior Cumberland County, and Interior Cumberland County Highlands. 

This will separate locations including Bridgton, Harrison, and Naples (Interior Cumberland County Highlands), from Windham, Raymond, Gray, and Gorham (Central Interior Cumberland County). 

Public forecast products, including watches, warnings, and advisories will be impacted by these changes.  Fire weather products will also be impacted.   

The goal of this zone change is to better group areas with similar climatological conditions.  For example, there are numerous winter storms in which conditions in Bridgton are significantly different to those in Windham.  This changes seeks to alleviate forecast confusion that can result by grouping these zones. 


For more details on this change, please refer to the following Public Information Statement:


Current Zone Layout:                                                                 New Zone Layout: