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Scorching Heat West and South-Central; Monsoon Threats; Areas of Heavy Rain

Excessive heat continues in the West and South-Central U.S. Temperatures heat up in the west next week with 90s and 100s north to as high as 127 in the desert. Monsoon flow also continues with threats of flash floods, dust storms, and dry thunderstorms. A low system may produce excessive rain to portions of the Middle Atlantic. Areas of heavy rain from the Gulf to the Great Lakes. Read More >

The National Weather Service is developing a new web page for the Atlantic hurricane basin which will interactively display and communicate local tropical storm and hurricane decision-making information based upon on local forecast databases, local statements, and hurricane threats and impact grids.

Users are reminded that tropical cyclone threat grids (wind, flooding rain, storm surge, and tornadoes) became operational on June 1, 2015 in the National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD). The grids are available at: Further information on these grids can be found at:

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