National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
Rating EF-1 Peak Wind 110 mph
Path Length 11.0 miles Peak Path Width 75 yards
Beginning Point 34.2596, -86.4599 End Point 34.3458, -86.3014
Starting Time 6:20 AM Ending Time 6:40 AM

The tornado initially touched down northeast of Cullman County Road 1850, snapping numerous hardwood and softwood trees along the path.  As the tornado strengthened, it rolled an un-anchored mobile home several times on Feemster Gap Road just over the Marshall County line in Extreme.  The mobile home hit a tree and fell back on its side with the roof badly mangled and the frame bent.  No injuries were sustained at this location, but residents that had been inside the mobile home took shelter in an underground storm shelter minutes before the tornado hit.  Other mobile homes nearby only sustained minor damage to the roofs and flashing underneath.  Northeast of this, another mobile home was blown several feet from its original location (as noted by the location of its remaining porch).  Behind this mobile home, an unanchored outbuilding was rolled several times and numerous large trees were uprooted and snapped in the field behind the home.

As the tornado moved through the Johnsons Mill community, several barns were damaged, with one or two completely destroyed.  A chicken house on Fry Gap Road was completely destroyed, as well, near the intersection of Fry Gap Road and Thompson Falls road.  Further northeast, another chicken house sustained major damage but was not completely destroyed on Brazelton Road near Fry Gap Road.

Northeast of these locations, near the intersection of Warranton Road and Browns Valley Road, another chicken house was completely destroyed and numerous trees were splintered and snapped off near the base. The tornado was likely at its strongest at this location, with a width of 75 yards. Damage continued along the peninsula between Big Springs Creek and Browns Creek on Guntersville Lake. Trees were snapped and oriented in a convergent pattern along the peninsula as the tornado was weakening and eventually lifting near the intersection of Highway 431 and Highway 69.

Radar Data

Hytop, AL Radar (HTX) radar loop of the EF-1 tornado track from 6:30 - 6:45 am CDT.  The imagery on the left is reflectivity, while the imagery on the right is storm-relative velocity.  Click on the image to loop.
Hytop, AL Radar (HTX) radar loop of the EF-2 tornado track.  The imagery on the left is reflectivity, while the imagery on the right is storm-relative velocity.  Click on the image to loop.

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