National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
Rating EF-1 Peak Wind 110 MPH
Path Length 9.19 Miles Peak Path Width 200 Yards
Starting Point 34.9406, -88.0564  Ending Point 35.0081, -87.9086 
Starting Time 4:01 AM  Ending Time 4:11 AM


This tornado touched down along County Road (CR) 90, 1 mile north-northeast of the Waterloo community. Here numerous trees were snapped on the hillside along CR 90 and CR 78. Two docks along Second Creek sustained damage as well.

Further up the road, just southeast of the intersection of CR 90 and CR 21, three residences sustained minor damage. The first home had windows blown out on the upper floor of a two-story home. The second sustained shingle damage and had the rear wall of a garage blown out. The third had a portion of a garage picked up and thrown over the house about 75 yards. A brick also was thrown through the back window of the residence, and immediately to the southeast of this home numerous trees were snapped.

The tornado continued up CR 90 and near the intersection of Lester Hollow Road, snapping several large/wide trees at 8-15 feet off the ground. To the east along Lester Hollow Road, trees fell on three homes. This tornado continued to produce significant tree damage as it progressed northeastward. At the intersection of Alabama Highway 20 and CR 40, a building had three awnings blown off, with one being deposited across Highway 20. The tornado then tracked a short distance in into Wayne county in Tennessee before lifting, mainly affecting wooded areas near the Tennessee and Alabama border.

Radar Data

Columbus, MS Radar (GWX) radar loop of the EF-1 tornado track from 4:01 - 4:11 am CDT.  The imagery on the left is reflectivity, while the imagery on the right is storm-relative velocity.  Click on the image to loop.
Hytop, AL Radar (HTX) radar loop of the EF-2 tornado track.  The imagery on the left is reflectivity, while the imagery on the right is storm-relative velocity.  Click on the image to loop.

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