National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
Rating EF-1 Peak Wind 110 mph
Path Length 25.3 miles Peak Path Width 200 yards
Beginning Point 34.7554, -86.8660 End Point 34.8457, -86.4435
Start Time 11:30 AM End Time  12:05 PM

This tornado touched down south of Highway 72 and west of County Road 95 in extreme eastern Limestone County, uprooting large hardwood trees prior to crossing Highway 72 near County Road 99A.  The tornado tracked to the east-northeast crossing Capshaw Road near Old Railroad Bed Road, snapping trees and removing roof shingles.  The most intense damage occurred between Sam Thomas Road and Wall Triana Highway, producing high-end EF-1 damage with numerous snapped power poles, sheared off hardwood trees, and roof and gutter damage.

The tornado crossed Highway 53 near Douglass Road, snapping numerous hardwood trees and removing shingles.  The track then continued to the east-northeast across Highway 231 near Bob Wade Lane, producing more roof and tree damage.  Several large hardwood trees were snapped in a convergent pattern between Moores Mill Road and Macon Lane before the tornado dissipated to the east of Winchester Road in the Deposit community.

 1138 AM CDT Image from the Hytop Alabama Doppler Radar

1638Z or 1128 AM CDT Image from the Hytop Radar

 Loop of storm from the Hytop Alabama Doppler Radar

Loop of storms from the Hytop Radar during tornado lifecycle

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