National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
Rating EF-1 Peak Wind 105 mph
Path Length 1.42 Miles Peak Path Width 75 yards
Beginning Point 34.8138, -86.7773 End Point 34.8197, -86.7534
Start Time 4:40 PM End Time  4:45 PM

This tornado initially touched down near Smith Road in Madison County. Several houses sustained a significant amount of shingle damage, numerous large trees were uprooted, several trees were snapped off, and an RV trailer was overturned along this road. Some of these trees were snapped off near their base and the edifice of a brick home was damaged. At this point, the width of the tornado was at its widest point (approximately 100 yards) and maximum wind speeds were estimated to be around 105 mph. As this tornado moved east-northeast across Iron Horse Trail and then Orvil Smith Road, large trees were snapped or toppled in several areas and some moderate shingle damage was observed. This tornado continued east-northeast, weakening slightly but still able to uproot large trees and produce minor roof damage. This track continued east-northeast through portions of Shortleaf Lane and Poplar Green Lane, producing similar damage. Some fences were blown down in this area before the tornado lifted, shortly before reaching Wall Triana Highway.


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