National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
Rating EF-1 Peak Wind 90 mph
Path Length 4.8 miles Peak Path Width 200 yards
Beginning Point 34.3750, -86.2005 End Point 34.4420, -86.1761
Start Time 6:45 AM End Time  6:49 AM

This short-lived tornado did most of its damage over portions of Lake Guntersville State Park, near the entrance and across the golf course. The tornado was separate from the EF-2 tornado responsible for the damage over the campground on the north side of the park. Many trees were snapped with a few larger pines uprooted. From the state park, the tornado continued briefly north-northeast, crossing Highway 227 before lifting near south Sauty Road and Highway 227. Damage along Highway 227 was mainly snapped trees.

Tornado Track Map

 Tornado Track Map - approximate


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