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Event Summary

A relatively strong upper level system moved from Central Texas into the Mid-Mississippi Valley during the early morning hours of November 1st, 2018. At the surface, a pre-frontal trough spawned a line of showers and storms that initially formed over Arkansas and Louisiana and quickly moved east towards the Tennessee Valley. As the Quasi-Linear Convective System (QLCS) moved across northern Mississippi it strengthened and continue to strengthen as it approached northwestern Alabama. A portion of this line became disjointed and a few broad circulations formed on the leading portion of the line before shifting the secondary line feature. This continued as the QLCS approached northwest Alabama, but a gravity wave moving north along the leading edge was able to provide enough additional energy to allow multiple debris signatures in northeast Mississippi. These debris signatures were associated with brief tornadoes and one of these tornadoes formed along the Mississippi and Alabama border in Franklin County. The tornado occurred in far northwest Franklin County and was only on the ground for 5 minutes. A survey team found evidence of damage consistent with a weak EF-0 tornado.

The QLCS continued to move into NW AL but weakened as it encountered a slightly less favorable atmospheric environment. The QLCS was able to reintensify in northeast Alabama as it encountered the higher terrain and another tornado warning was issued. However, no additional damage was found in northeast Alabama.

Image Storm Reports
Tornado Watch # 420 - Valid 525 AM through 1 PM CDT Click to image to view the storm reports.