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A storm survey was completed by WCM Tim Troutman and Intern Kurt Weber on March 19th and 20th for tornado damage that occurred in southeast and eastern Jackson County.


The final results of the storm survey indicated that a F0 tornado touched down initially along Jackson county road 394 about 3 miles southeast of Dutton around 1252 pm. Winds with this storm were determined to be at 70 mph. The tornado continued for around a half of a mile northeast to the intersection of county road 394 and 68, where it increased briefly to F1 damage, with a continued 30 yard width and a wind speed at this point increasing to 80 miles an hour (Figures 1, 2, 3). The tornado rapidly dissipated at this intersection.

The storm quickly spawned another tornado touchdown along highway 372 only about two miles northeast of the inital damage. Initially this tornado was rated to be a F0 tornado with a 70 miles an hour wind noted as it moved along county road 372 and 47. The tornado quickly increased in intensity to a F1 rating with several large trees uprooted and snapped and it moved a large barn several feet off of its foundation (Figures 4 and 5). The wind speeds with this tornado was estimated to be at 80 miles an hour at its peak before it dissipated along county road 51. The path width of this tornado was around 40 yards and its length of movement at a mile.

As the severe storm continued its northeast movement past the Pisgah, Alabama area, another tornado touchdown occurred at the intersection of county road 60 and Highway 71, where three large trees were twisted and snapped. The path length of this touchdown was 200 feet with a damage width of 20 yards and an F-scale rating of F0 with winds at 70 miles an hour.

The severe storm continued to move northeast, with another tornado touchdown occurring along county road 330 at around 105 pm. Two mobile homes were severely damaged, a large barn was destroyed and a large oak tree and several smaller trees were twisted, snapped and blown down in differing patterns. One person was slightly injured at this location (Figures 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11). The tornado abruptly began around a 10 mile path along county road 330 with the width of the tornado estimated at 50 yards and wind speed at a maximum at 100 miles an hour shortly after it touched down.

This tornado continued with a short decrease to F0 winds around 70 miles an hour on the southeast side of Flat Rock, Alabama, before it increased in intensity to a F1 rating in Flat Rock. The tornado at its maximum wind speed within the vicinity of Flat Rock was at 90 miles an hour. Extensive roof damage was indicated at Strickland’s lumber yard, and at the Ruritan building in Flat Rock. The maximum width of this tornado was at 70 yards (Figures 12, 13, 14, 15). Two people were slightly injured at this location. The tornado quickly dissipated around a quarter of a mile north of the location of the damage at Strickland’s lumber yard.