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Colbert County
A storm survey was completed in Colbert County. A tornado was determined to have touched down about two miles east of Tuscumbia along Highway 20 at the Colbert County Road Department. A building was heavily damaged at the Road Department. Initially, the tornado produced EF-1 damage for one half of a mile along Highway 72. Some roof damage also occurred at the Whitesell plant. The tornado maintained a maximum wind speed of 85 miles an hour for approximately one half of a mile before weakening as it crossed Highway 72. The path width of the tornado while it was at an EF-1 intensity was at 40 yards. The tornado then produced EF-0 wind damage the rest of its five and a half mile path length. The width of the tornado was 20 yards. Maximum wind speeds were at 60 miles an hour. The tornado abruptly dissipated near Cottontown Alabama, completing its six mile path.
Colbert County 2E Tuscumbia ~ Road Department Roof Damage at Whitesell more Colbert County damage more Colbert County damage
Limestone County

Two surveys were conducted in Limestone County. The first area, along seven mile post road, found damage consistent with a tornado. The tornado produced damage to one home, destroyed a shed, and damaged several trees. The tornado damage path was approximately one quarter mile in length, and approximately 25 yards in width. Maximum wind speeds were approximately 60 mph, rating this tornado as an EF-0 on the enhanced Fujita scale.

The second area, near Copeland, indicated straight line wind damage, with wind speeds approximately 85 mph. The storm produced moderate damage to one home, two barn structures, and numerous trees.

These storm surveys were completed by National Weather Service Huntsville Meteorologist-In-Charge Mike Coyne, Warning Coordination Meteorologist Tim Troutman and members of Colbert and Limestone County Alabama Emergency Management.

Cullman County

The survey investigated three areas of damage in the Cullman city limits: Katherine Street, Arnold Street, and Highway 278. Damage primarily consisted of uprooted trees, which produced moderate to heavy damage to homes and cars. Damage in each area was consistent with staight lined winds, with maximum wind speeds near 110 mph.

This storm survey was completed by National Weather Service Huntsville Meteorologist-In-Charge Mike Coyne and Senior Forecaster David Nadler.

Cullman County damage more Cullman County damage more Cullman County damage more Cullman County damage