National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

Survey Summary

EF-Scale Rating EF-1
Est. Peak Wind 90 MPH
Est. Path Length 1/10 mile
Maximum Path Width 35 yards

Representatives from the National Weather Service and the Marshall County Emergency Management Agency conducted an storm survey of damage that occurred in Marshall County, Alabama early in the morning of February 6, 2008.

The damage was determined to originate from a tornado, which at its peak had winds of approximately 90 MPH, giving it a rating of EF-1 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale. The tornado snapped or uprooted eight trees, destroyed an unanchored carport and two small storage sheds, caused minor roof damage to the nearby house, blew out three windows, and destroyed a large telephone pole. The damage occurred near U.S. Highway 431 northeast of the city of Guntersville (across Lake Guntersville from the city).

Tornado watch #41 had been issued for all of north Alabama at 10 PM CST, and was in effect until 5 AM CST (it was later extended until 7 AM CST). A tornado warning for central Marshall County was issued at 4:17 AM CST and was in effect until 4:45 AM.