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Excessive Heat for the Central and Eastern U.S.; Severe Weather from the Plain into the Great Lakes

Excessive heat will affect the center and eastern portions of our country today with numerous record highs are expected. The combination of heat and humidity, along and ahead of cold front, will focus showers and thunderstorms. Storms could be severe from the western High Plains, Midwest into the Great Lakes region; Locally heavy rainfall may result in isolated instances of flash flooding. Read More >

Integrated Dissemination Program (IDP) Applications

The NWS Integrated Dissemination Program (IDP) infrastructure hosts NWS applications and is operated by NCEP Central Operations (NCO) at on-premises data centers. Application requirements and release prioritization are developed through the NWS Office of Dissemination.


  1. Tier 1 operational support (24/7/365) is provided by NCO Operational Monitoring Branch (
  2. Tier 2 application onboarding and support is provided by the NCO Implementation & Data Services Branch Onboarding Team
  3. Tier 3 application developer support is provided by each application's development organization (DevOrgs) as needed