National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
March 1, 2017
Straight-Line Winds in Dearborn and Ohio counties in Indiana

Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Wilmington OH
848 PM EST Fri Mar 3 2017


The National Weather Service in Wilmington Ohio has completed a
storm damage survey in Ohio and Dearborn counties in Indiana. The
survey is in relation to the severe thunderstorms that moved
through the area during the morning of March 1 2017.

The first area surveyed was located in southeastern Ohio County,
along Indiana State Road 56, a few miles west of the Ohio River.
Three properties along this road sustained damage, starting in the
west near Stewart Ridge Road and running about a mile to the 
east. Several outbuildings and garages were significantly damaged,
though homes suffered only minor roof and siding damage. Tree 
damage in this area was scattered, but there were a few uprootings
and a couple areas where trees were snapped. Based on radar data,
this damage is estimated to have occurred between 639 AM and 641 

The second area surveyed covered a larger swath of land, beginning
in south central Dearborn County, and ending in northeastern Ohio
County. The westernmost extent of damage was found near Davies
Road and US Route 62 south-southwest of Dillsboro. More
significant damage occurred south of Dillsboro on Arlington Road,
Martin Road, and Kachina Trail. Tree damage was more extensive 
through this area, with roof damage to several residences, and a 
few barns and outbuildings destroyed. Significant tree damage was 
also observed to the east on Bocock Road and Indiana State Road 
262, again with many trees snapped or uprooted and a few instances
of minor structural damage. Some tree damage was also observed on
Hueseman Road. Across Laughery Creek in Ohio County, a farm 
residence on Hartford Pike Road was damaged, where a house had the
top of its roof removed, and several large trees on the nearby
hillside were toppled. Tree damage was observed along Laughery
Creek and adjacent portions of Hartford Pike Road along the 
Dearborn/Ohio county border. Structural damage was also observed 
at several locations along Salem Ridge Road and Belleview Lane in
Ohio County, with minor roof damage to homes, and significant 
damage or destruction of a few barns and garages. In all, this 
swath of damage covered a length of about 13 miles across Dearborn
and Ohio counties. Based on radar data, this damage is estimated 
to have occurred between 629 AM and 641 AM.

All of the damage surveyed in Ohio and Dearborn counties is 
believed to have been caused by straight line winds. Damage 
patterns suggest wind flow in a primarily west-to-east direction, 
with a very wide swath of damage, especially in the longer track 
across southern Dearborn and northeastern Ohio counties. Maximum 
wind speeds in these areas have been estimated at 70 to 80 MPH.

We extend our appreciation to Ohio County and Dearborn County
emergency management officials for their assistance with this 



The swath included in this map covers the longer of the two damage areas described, spanning sections of both Dearborn and Ohio counties.