National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
March 1, 2017
Straight-Line Winds in Carroll KY / Pendleton KY / Owen KY

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Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Wilmington OH
814 PM EST Mon Mar 6 2017


The National Weather Service in Wilmington OH has completed storm
damage surveys for Carroll, Pendleton and Owen Counties in
Kentucky. These surveys are in relation to the severe
thunderstorms that moved through the area on March 1 2017.

In Carroll County, all of the damage surveyed was determined to be
a result of straight-line winds. The most significant damage
occurred just west of Carrollton along KY-36 West near the
Carroll/Trimble County line. Several large hardwood trees were
knocked down or snapped. In addition, several barns were blown
down and debris was displaced toward the east, and several homes
experienced damage in the form of removed shingles and siding,
particularly on the west-facing side.

Further east into Carrollton, damage was mainly concentrated
between Polk Street and Highland Avenue. Numerous large hardwood
trees were snapped or uprooted. Some homes and a church lost
shingles from their roofs, and a roof was removed from a
warehouse. Damage in Carroll County exhibited a pattern consistent
with straight line winds in the range of 80 to 100 mph.

Across Pendleton County, the most significant damage was over the
northern part of the county. The damage started about four miles
west-southwest of Butler where a heavy vehicle was moved and heavy
objects from around a house where blown to the northeast and
southeast. Two miles south-southwest of Butler, several large
trees were knocked down and trailers were overturned. Also, two
miles southeast of Butler, a barn was completely destroyed and
minor damage occurred to a house. Three miles east-southeast of
Butler near State Route 159, three barns were totally destroyed.
Elsewhere across the area, several barns had roof damage and
several large limbs were down. Winds were estimated to be 80 to 90
mph in Pendleton County.

In Owen County, on State Route 127 South at Tim`s Garage, a garage
door was blown in and two of the back doors were bowed out. About
three quarters of a mile down the road, a barn had fifty percent
of its roof peeled off. On Jonesville Road, several barns had
parts of their roofs pulled back. Also, in this general area a
large agricultural building suffered damage on the southwest
side where the inside of the building was exposed.

At Gatewood Arena, a house had twenty-five percent of its roof
removed. Several barns in the area along Golden Circle Road had
fifty percent of their roofs missing. Some of the most significant
damage occurred at a Craigmyle truck sales, where two well built
storage buildings were destroyed and two large electrical trucks
were severely damaged along with other damage on the property. A
residential house on the property also had ten percent of its roof
removed. Over on Manley Lane, a barn was shifted off its
foundation and the roof was removed. Elsewhere in the county, a
large storage bin was severely damaged. Winds across Owen County
were also estimated to be 80 to 90 mph.

The National Weather Service would like to extend thanks to
Carroll, Pendleton and Owen County Emergency Management for their
assistance with these surveys.