National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
July 16-17, 2017
Severe Weather & Heavy Rain/Flooding

During the evening of July 16th into the early morning hours on the 17th, several clusters of storms developed in an environment characterized by moderate instability but only marginal wind shear. The storms produced many swaths of small hail and even some reports of large hail as they moved south-southwest through the area. With relatively weak mean-layer flow, the storms were slow-moving and backbuilding of storm cores resulted in several areas of very heavy rain. Although rainfall amounts generally ranged between 1-2 inches (in areas that received rain), there were a few reports exceeding 3 inches. Several reports of flooding and flash flooding were reported across the northern Miami Valley into parts of east-central Indiana. The storms eventually dissipated in the middle of the night as instability eventually diminished.