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March 14, 2024
EF3 Tornado
Auglaize County OH / Logan County OH

Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Wilmington OH
708 PM EDT Tue Mar 19 2024


...EF3 tornado confirmed in Auglaize County and Logan County OH...

Start Location..........3 N Botkins in Auglaize County OH
End Location............3 WSW West Mansfield in Logan County OH
Estimated Start Time...........7:29 PM EDT
Estimated End Time.............8:16 PM EDT
Maximum EF-Scale Rating........EF3
Estimated Maximum Wind Speed...155 mph
Maximum Path Width.............1000 yards
Path Length....................31.9 miles
Beginning Lat/Lon..............40.5193 / -84.1664
Ending Lat/Lon.................40.3905 / -83.5969
* Fatalities...3
* Injuries.....27

The tornado began immediately east of Interstate 75 south of 
Wapakoneta, causing damage to a farm on the west side of Cemetery 
Road. Video shared on social media showed the tornado rapidly 
strengthened west of Glacier Hill Lakes RV Resort causing 
significant damage to a grove of trees west of the resort. After 
crossing a field, the tornado moved through the center of the 
resort, lofting campers and snapping trees. The tornado continued 
eastward toward Wapak-Freyburg Road, causing significant damage to
the Resort clubhouse and residential homes on the west side of 
the road. The collective damage done to the trees and buildings 
within this corridor of damage justified wind estimates of 140 
mph, EF3. The tornado moved into an open field east of Wapak- 
Freyburg Road at an unknown intensity. 

Three-tenths of a mile south of Pusheta Road, the tornado caused 
significant tree damage to three separate groves of trees as it 
neared Town Line Road. Ariel images provided by the Auglaize 
County EMA/CERT confirmed the tornado was still strong, at least 
EF-2 strength, south of Pusheta Road. The tornado likely remained 
fairly strong as it impacted homes and outbuildings along Town 
Line Road, Ashburn Road, and Geyer Road. A brief weakening period,
or narrowing of the tornado was observed near Geyer, where the 
tornado remained mainly over open fields. 

The next period of intensification occurred between State Route 
65 and Valley Road. Damage to a few homes and outbuildings, along 
with significant damage to a few groves of trees confirm this 
period of intensification. The tornado began to make a more 
significant southeast turn between Wrestle Creek Road and Valley 
Road. The strong, likely EF2 tornado continued to move 
southeastward into Logan County, causing additional periods of 
significant tree damage north of Sante Fe. The tornado continued 
southeast across Township Highway 85, Township Highway 84 and 
County Road 83. Numerous hardwood trees were uprooted or snapped 
and one outbuilding was also destroyed. 

The tornado strengthened as it approached the village of 
Lakeview, producing severe damage over much of the Lakeview area 
and beginning along Pine Street and Poplar Court. On Poplar Court,
one single family residence was destroyed, with all walls 
collapsed. A corridor of severe damage continued directly 
southeast across Main Street, where wall collapse was noted along 
one business building and another well built construction was 
destroyed. Another single family home on North Oak Street, just to
the east of US 33 and west of Indian Lake, also had all walls 
collapsed from the tornado. The most significant damage occurred 
along this stretch of Lakeview, with maximum winds up to 155 mph, 
which corresponds to EF-3 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale. The width 
of the tornado was a half mile at this point. 

Damage, primarily of EF-2 magnitude, continued southeast of 
Lakeview, affecting areas near US 33 and State Route 366. The 
survey team noted roofs removed from single family homes, several 
outbuildings being destroyed and also destruction of numerous 
manufactured homes. One business near the intersection of US 33 
and Township Highway 239 had total wall collapse, indicative of 
140 mph winds, or low end EF-3 damage. 

The tornado then crossed a portion of Indian Lake and moved 
across Orchard Island. Numerous manufactured homes were completely
destroyed in a mobile home park area at Orchard Island, with the 
damage on Orchard Island rated as high end EF-2. 

The tornado moved over another section of Indian Lake, producing 
damage over a community on the eastern side of the lake, affecting
Park Drive, Maple Street and Walnut Street. Several homes had 
their roofs completely removed, although most walls remained 

The tornado continued to move to the southeast, crossing State 
Route 366 and Route 177 to the north of Huntsville. The tornado 
had weakened to EF- 1 intensity at this point, with hardwood tree 
damage and outbuilding damage or destruction noted. Damage became 
much more sporadic and weaker across eastern Logan County with 
some minor tree damage noted just southwest of West Mansfield. The
tornado is believed to have dissipated near County Road 8, just 
east of State Route 292.

The National Weather Service would like to thank the Auglaize 
County Emergency Management Agency, the Logan County Emergency 
Management Agency, the Ohio Emergency Management Agency, the Ohio 
State Highway Patrol Aviation Section, and several other state and
local jurisdictions for providing assistance and support with 
this survey. 



Link to KMZ File of Tornado Track