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NWS Wilmington Spotter Page
Submit a Spotter Report
Reporting Methods
  • Phone
    • All urgent reports should be called in to the NWS via telephone.
    • Please use the unlisted weather spotter phone number, as provided by the NWS on the local spotter guide.
  • Amateur Radio
    • Amateur radio operators are welcome to submit reports to the sectional networks that serve the NWS in Wilmington.
    • Please use the procedures described on the amateur radio page.
  • Social Media
    • Reports, pictures, and video can be submitted through our social media accounts at Facebook and Twitter.
  • Email
    • Storm photographs or videos (or links to media) can be sent to the email address.
    • In order for the NWS to use these items online and in training materials, you must agree to release the media to the public domain.
  • Web
    • Non-urgent reports can be submitted through our online form.
    • Be sure to enter your position relative to a city or town, even if location services are enabled in your browser.
What to Report
Severe Weather Flooding and Rainfall Winter Weather
  • Tornadoes, funnel clouds, wall clouds, and persistent cloud rotation.
  • Structural damage from tornadoes or severe wind gusts.
  • Any trees uprooted or downed.
  • Multiple large healthy limbs downed (at least 3" in diameter).
  • Hail of 1/2" diameter or larger.
  • Hail covering the ground.
  • Do not report lightning.
  • 1" or more of rainfall in one hour or less (measured).
  • Flooding that results in evacuations or rescues.
  • Cars or trailers carried away by flood waters.
  • Water entering the main level of homes or businesses.
  • Roads closed or impassable due to high water.
  • Rapidly rushing water across roadways.
  • More than one foot of water across roads.
  • Small streams overflowing their banks.
  • 1" or more of snow per hour.
  • 1" or more of snow in the past 24 hours.
  • When first measuring 2", 4", or 6" of snow.
  • Storm total snowfall and snow depth.
  • Any freezing rain or freezing drizzle.
  • Any thunder or lightning associated with winter precipitation.
Include the following in your report:
  • Your name and spotter ID.
  • Your exact location.
    • 5 miles west of City A, or...
    • Near the intersection of Route X and Road Y, or...
    • Latitude and longitude coordinates.
    • If observing a cloud feature, in what direction are you looking?
  • Exact time of the event.
    • If ongoing or lengthy, provide a start/end time.
  • The weather event.