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Scheduling a Skywarn® Class
Skywarn® training is conducted from late January through early May. Because of resources, we must limit the number of visits to each county. We generally work with Emergency Management Agencies (EMA) to schedule classes for each county, and encourage everyone to attend.

Classes will generally be offered Monday through Thursday. If planning an evening class, 7 PM is the latest start time available. Please ensure a screen for projection is available. While we are able to provide a projector and audio equipment for the class, conducting the training in a facility with integrated audio/video equipment ensures the highest quality of presentation.

We are trying to consolidate classes. so please coordinate with other interested groups. We would like all talks coordinated with your local EMA. Schedule the training early in the year, and promote the talk through your local media. You will get much better attendance. To schedule a Skywarn® training session you should do the following:
  1. Coordinate with the County Emergency Management Agency (EMA).
  2. Email the NWS at to check availability.
  3. Ensure a large number of people will attend.
  4. Have a facility, date and time established.
  5. Provide a volunteer to help with registration.
  6. Open the training to the public.
The training schedule for Skywarn® classes will be posted on our web page.