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Give the Gift of NOAA Weather Radio This Holiday Season


Give the gift of NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) this holiday season, the gift that keeps on giving, and may even someday save your life or of someone youMark Trail comic strip saying "Get the information you need...24 hours a day...get a NOAA Weather Radio!" know.  The radio receivers come in both portable and desktop styles, and some receive multiple radio bands such as FM, shortwave, and aviation.  They provide instant access to up-to-date weather information 24 hours a day every day of the year...information such as current weather observations, general and marine forecasts, longer range outlooks, climate data, advisories, watches, and warnings.

NWR broadcasts are available across the country and can be used to trigger many radio receivers to activate an alarm and/or un-mute the audio.  This can be an advantage that is not available through other methods, e.g., while you sleep the NWR receiver can wake you when a tornado warning is issued for your area whereas your TV, radio, and Internet access probably cannot.  Battery powered and battery back-up receivers work through power outages of your home, business, and/or nearby cell tower.


More information is available at, including the sub-link to "Frequently Asked Questions".