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Brief Review of the July 9, 2024 Tornado, Heavy Rains, and Gusty Winds

Published 2024-07-11

Tropical Cyclone Remnants History for Central Indiana

Published 2024-07-09

History of tropical cyclone remnants that moved into or near central Indiana from the Northern Atlantic Basin, 1866-2023

June 2024 Preliminary Climate Summary

Published 2024-07-02

Brief Overview of Landspout and Damaging Winds on June 29th

Published 2024-06-30

Weather Impact Matrices across Central Indiana

Published 2024-06-30

Bookmarkable forecasts for each county seat across central Indiana which color codes based on the expected risk.

Brief Review of the June 25, 2024 Severe Storms

Published 2024-06-27

"When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!" - Lightning Safety Awareness

Published 2024-06-22

A review of lightning safety information.

Father's Day Climate Stats for Indianapolis

Published 2024-06-15

Are you #WeatherReady for the summer? Check out our latest weather safety graphics, videos, social media posts, and more.

Published 2024-06-08

Summer safety when spending time outdoors: Access social media plans, infographics, videos, presentations, and more to learn and/or help us spread the information.

Haga Clic Aquí­ para el Nuevo Sitio Web en Español del Servicio Meteorológico Nacional de Indianápolis

Published 2024-06-04

May 2024 Preliminary Climate Summary

Published 2024-06-01

Brief Overview of the May 26 Tornado

Published 2024-05-29

20th Anniversary of the May 30, 2004 Tornado Outbreak

Published 2024-05-19

Mother's Day Climate Statistics for Indy

Published 2024-05-10

Brief Review of May 7, 2024 Tornadoes

Published 2024-05-09

Strong to Severe Storms Possible into Mid-Week

Published 2024-05-06

Preliminary April 2024 Climate Summary

Published 2024-05-02

Introducing Indiana Severe Weather Climatology

Published 2024-04-25

GIS maps and dashboards allowing for interactive querying of data from Tornado, Wind, and Hail events across all of Indiana from 1950 to 2022. Additional years will be added once available.

NOAA expands availability of new heat forecast tool ahead of summer: HeatRisk

Published 2024-04-24

A new experimental heat tool called HeatRisk is now available. It provides historical context for high temperature forecasts, identifying how unusual the heat will be for any given time of year. The tool takes into account cumulative impacts of heat by identifying the expected duration of the heat, including both daytime and nighttime temperatures.

Brief Review of April Heavy Rain and Flooding

Published 2024-04-13

Rescheduled: Online Presentation for 50th Anniversary of the April 1974 Super Outbreak

Published 2024-04-06

Preliminary March 2024 Climate Summary

Published 2024-04-02

Updated Event Page for the 50th Anniversary of the 1974 Super Outbreak

Published 2024-04-01

Avoid the Drowning Machine: Low Head Dam Public Safety Awareness Month

Published 2024-04-01

Avoid the Drowning Machine: Low Head Dam Public Safety Awareness Month

Weather Reports Needed Via CoCoRaHS

Published 2024-03-13

Convective storm season is upon us. Report your weather observations to us via CoCoRaHS. Reports are used for many important purposes. By submitting reports you help us all. Scan the QR code or click here to visit the CoCoRaHS website at

Preliminary February 2024 Climate Summary

Published 2024-03-01

2024 Spring Hydrologic Outlook -- updated February 29, 2024

Published 2024-02-29

Forecast/Current Weather/Climo for Total Eclipse

Published 2024-02-08

Read our NWS IND 2023 Shareholders Report!

Published 2024-02-02


Preliminary January 2024 Climate Summary

Published 2024-02-01

2024 Summer Volunteer Application

Published 2024-01-26

NWS-Indianapolis is in search of summer volunteers. Students will learn more about NWS operations while also expanding on their knowledge of meteorology, and conducting projects for the office. If interested, apply today!

Upcoming Central Indiana Spotter Training Sessions (Final Session June 12)

Published 2024-01-21

Brief Review of the January 19 Light Snow

Published 2024-01-20

30th Anniversary of the January 1994 Record Cold

Published 2024-01-16

25th Anniversary of January 1-3, 1999 Significant Winter Storm

Published 2024-01-03

Central Indiana 2023 Annual Climate Summary

Published 2024-01-01

December 2023 Preliminary Climate Summary

Published 2024-01-01

New Year's Day Climate Stats for Indianapolis

Published 2023-12-31

Historical Christmas Weather for Indianapolis

Published 2023-12-16

November 2023 Preliminary Climate Summary

Published 2023-12-01

October 2023 Climate Summary

Published 2023-11-14

Historical Veterans Day Weather for Indianapolis

Published 2023-11-11

New Winter Storm Watch/Warning Criteria for Heavy Snow

Published 2023-11-06

Check Out Our New "About the Office" Page!

Published 2023-10-30

Indianapolis Halloween Climate Stats

Published 2023-10-29

September 2023 Climate Summary

Published 2023-10-17

Visit NWS Indy Meteorologists at Celebrate Science Indiana Oct 14

Published 2023-10-07

Information on the October 14, 2023 Partial Solar Eclipse

Published 2023-09-21

Information and cloud cover climatology for central Indiana for the October 14, 2023 partial solar eclipse.

Anniversary of September 20th, 2002: A Day to Remember

Published 2023-09-20

A humid day with dew points in the low 70s made for unusual weather conditions in September of 2002. This environment combined with an approaching low pressure system would lead to significant severe weather that afternoon, including several tornadoes within central Indiana. This StoryMap provides an overview of this tornadic event.

August 2023 Preliminary Climate Summary

Published 2023-09-01

NWS IND Heat Information Page

Published 2023-08-21

NWS IND Heat Information Page

July 2023 Preliminary Climate Summary

Published 2023-08-05

Heat Information for Central Indiana

Published 2023-07-25

Hot and humid conditions are expected.

June 2023 Climate Summary

Published 2023-07-23

Are you #WeatherReady for summer's weather threats? Be prepared. Check out our weather safety graphics, videos, social media posts, and more

Published 2023-07-14

Are you #WeatherReady for summer's weather threats? Be prepared. Check out our weather safety graphics, videos, social media posts, and more

The latest info about Drought across Central Indiana

Published 2023-07-09

Drying conditions in Indiana are resulting in growing concerns of impacts.

Interested in Becoming a Weather Ready Nation Ambassador? Here's How!

Published 2023-07-09

Brief Review of the June 29, 2023 Derecho

Published 2023-06-30

Review of the Tornadoes and Severe Storms of June 25

Published 2023-06-27

Damage Surveys to Be Conducted on June 26

Published 2023-06-26

Map of Wildfire Smoke Locations

Published 2023-06-08

Spring 2023 Central Indiana Climate Summary

Published 2023-06-05

Central Indiana May 2023 Climate Summary

Published 2023-06-02

Memorial Day Climatology for Indy

Published 2023-05-25

April 2023 Climate Summary

Published 2023-05-22

Soliciting Comments on the Display of Future Plain Language Headlines to Replace “Advisory”

Published 2023-05-16

Landspout Tornado of May 8, 2023

Published 2023-05-09

Brief Review of the May 6 and 7 Severe Storms

Published 2023-05-09

Past Indy 500 Weather

Published 2023-04-24

Brief Review of the April 5, 2023 Severe Weather and Montgomery Co Tornado

Published 2023-04-06

Updated Review of the March 31 2023 Tornadoes (updated April 6)

Published 2023-04-06

Brief Summary of the Heavy Rain and Subsequent Winds of March 22-25

Published 2023-03-26

Winter 2022-2023 Climate Summary

Published 2023-03-22

Brief Review of the February 27 Tornadoes

Published 2023-03-02

Seguridad Meteorológica (Weather Safety)

Published 2023-03-02

Weather Safety Infographics in Spanish

Summer Volunteer Application: Deadline March 6th!

Published 2023-03-02

Brief Review of Winds across Central Indiana on February 9, 2023

Published 2023-02-10

January 2023 Climate Summary

Published 2023-02-09

Summary of the January 25th Winter Storm

Published 2023-01-26

Summary of the January 25th Winter Storm

Winter Weather Forecast Graphs for Selected Cities

Published 2023-01-23

Central Indiana 2022 Annual Climate Summary

Published 2023-01-06

Brief Review of December 22 to 24 Winter Storm

Published 2022-12-24

A winter storm brought dangerous wind chills, high winds, snow, and a flash freeze to central Indiana.

Peak Wind Gusts from Overnight Winds

Published 2022-12-15

Fall 2022 Climate Summary: 6th Driest on Record for Indy

Published 2022-12-10

Indianapolis White Christmas History

Published 2022-12-10

One page run down of what Christmases in Indianapolis were white with snow, plus a link to a web page with an interactive map of the chance of a white Christmas in any given year.

November 2022 Climate Summary

Published 2022-12-07

Learn via Online Training about CoCoRaHS and Winter Precipitation Reporting

Published 2022-12-07

Skywarn Recognition Day 2022

Published 2022-12-03

Understanding Snowfall Probabilities

Published 2022-11-14

Peak Winds from Saturday, November 5, 2022

Published 2022-11-07

Peak Winds from Saturday, November 5, 2022

October 2022 Climate Summary

Published 2022-11-07

Winter Weather Spotter and Safety Virtual Presentations

Published 2022-11-04

End of Growing Season

Published 2022-10-20

Drought Information for Central Indiana

Published 2022-10-20

Drought Information for Central Indiana

Enhanced Fire Danger Across Central Indiana Thursday

Published 2022-10-19

Anniversary of the October 1989 Snowfall

Published 2022-10-18

Congratulations to Indianapolis Motor Speedway - 2022 WRN Ambassador of Excellence

Published 2022-09-20

Congratulations to Indianapolis Motor Speedway - 2022 WRN Ambassador of Excellence

20th Anniversary of the September 20th, 2002 Tornadoes

Published 2022-09-19

Visit with NWS Indy Meteorologists on October 1 at Celebrate Science Indiana

Published 2022-09-15

Brief Review of the August 20, 2022 Landspout Tornado

Published 2022-08-21

Brief Reviews of the Heavy Rains/Flash Flooding of Late July and the Severe Storms of August 1 Are Available

Published 2022-08-01

June 2022 Climate Summary

Published 2022-07-07

Drought Early Warning Update

Published 2022-06-19

Brief Review of June 8, 2022 Severe Storms and Tornadoes

Published 2022-06-09

May 2022 Central Indiana Climate Summary

Published 2022-06-06

NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards Station KEC-74 in Indianpolis Returned to Service

Published 2022-05-27

Preliminary Brief Review of the May 21, 2022 Tornadoes

Published 2022-05-23

Landspout Tornado of May 6, 2022

Published 2022-05-09

April 2022 Climate Summary

Published 2022-05-09

Anniversary of the 1974 Super Outbreak

Published 2022-04-03

February 2022 Climate Summary

Published 2022-03-10

Winter 2021-22 Climate Summary

Published 2022-03-10

Upcoming Change to Flood Impact Categories at Sugar Creek at Crawfordsville (CRWI3)

Published 2022-03-03

Upcoming Change to Flood Impact Categories at Sugar Creek at Crawfordsville (CRWI3)

Spring Flood Outlook for Central Indiana

Published 2022-02-25

New Radar Website for Low Bandwidth Users

Published 2022-02-19

January 2022 Climate Summary

Published 2022-02-07

Brief Review of the February 2-4 Winter Storm Updated 2/8

Published 2022-02-04

Hourly Forecast Graphs for Selected Central Indiana Cities

Published 2022-02-01

2021 Annual Climate Summary

Published 2022-01-07

December 2021 Climate Summary

Published 2022-01-05

Winter Begins at 10:59 AM EST

Published 2021-12-21

Indianapolis Christmas Climatology

Published 2021-12-18

Review of the December 10-11 Severe Storms

Published 2021-12-12

Fall 2021 Climate Summary

Published 2021-12-11

November 2021 Climate Summary

Published 2021-12-06

Get Ready for Winter Hazards by Visiting Our Winter Safety Website

Published 2021-12-01

Add a NOAA Weather Radio to Your Shopping List or Wish List This Holiday Season

Published 2021-11-30

October 2021 Climate Summary

Published 2021-11-06

Retirement of Long Time NWS Indianapolis Meteorologist Joe Skowronek

Published 2021-10-30

Brief Review of the October 11 Severe Storms

Published 2021-10-12

September 2021 Climate Summary

Published 2021-10-03

Midwest Summer 2021 Climate Impacts

Published 2021-09-29

Rainfall from September 21st through the 23rd

Published 2021-09-23

Heavy rain fell across Indiana from Tuesday September 21st through the early morning hours of September 23rd with some spots receiving over 5 inches.

From our Partners at FEMA: Prepare with Pedro Kids Activity Booklet

Published 2021-09-22

Summer 2021 Climate Summary

Published 2021-09-10

August 2021 Climate Summary

Published 2021-09-06

Historical Labor Day Weather for Central Indiana

Published 2021-09-03

New Public Phone Number for NWS Indianapolis Recorded Forecasts

Published 2021-09-03

Don't Wait, Communicate! September is National Preparedness Month.

Published 2021-09-02

Anniversary of 2020 Midwest Derecho

Published 2021-08-10

Bloomington Weather Radio Station WXM78 Returned to Service

Published 2021-08-06

Bloomington Weather Radio Station WXM78 has returned to service

Central Indiana July 2021 Climate Summary

Published 2021-08-02

Review of July 29 Shelby County Tornadoes

Published 2021-07-30

New “Destructive” Severe Thunderstorm Warning Category (Delayed to Aug 3)

Published 2021-07-26

Starting August 3, the National Weather Service will better convey the severity and potential impacts from thunderstorm winds and hail by adding a “damage threat” tag to Severe Thunderstorm Warnings, similar to our Tornado and Flash Flood Warnings.

Simplificación de Peligros del SNM: Opciones de Mensajería en Lenguaje Sencillo

Published 2021-07-23

June 2021 Climate Summary

Published 2021-07-03

Help the NWS Simplify the Watch/Warning/Advisory Program

Published 2021-06-28

June 25 Tornadoes

Published 2021-06-27

Brief Review of the June 18-19, 2021 Severe Storms and Flooding

Published 2021-06-20

Enhanced Risk for Severe Storms on Friday Afternoon and Friday Night

Published 2021-06-17

Brief Review of the Severe Storms of June 12

Published 2021-06-16

Spring 2021 Climate Summary

Published 2021-06-10

May 2021 Climate Summary

Published 2021-06-05

National Safe Boating Week: May 22-28, 2021

Published 2021-05-22

National Safe Boating Week: May 22-28, 2021

April 2021 Central Indiana Climate Summary

Published 2021-05-06

1991-2020 Climate Normals Now Available (Updated May 11)

Published 2021-05-04

Brief Review of the April 20 Snow and Cold

Published 2021-04-23

March 2021 Climate Summary

Published 2021-04-10

February 2021 Climate Summary

Published 2021-03-05

Information on VIRTUAL 2021 Central Indiana Severe Weather Symposium

Published 2021-02-25

Summary of Winter Storm of February 14-16, 2021

Published 2021-02-16

Cold Weather at Times This Week

Published 2021-02-12

Cold air will continue at times into next week.

Brief Review of the February 8-9 Snowfall

Published 2021-02-09

Brief Review of the January 30-31 Snowfall

Published 2021-02-01

Latest Forecast Information on Expected Snowfall

Published 2021-01-30

Brief Review of the January 27 Snowfall

Published 2021-01-29

2021 Severe Weather Preparedness Week Schedule

Published 2021-01-27

Central Indiana December 2020 Climate Summary

Published 2021-01-09

Anniversary of the Winter Storm and Cold of January 5, 2014

Published 2021-01-05

2020 Central Indiana Climate Summary

Published 2021-01-03

Indiana Weather Briefing Page

Published 2020-12-28

Fall 2020 Central Indiana Climate Summary

Published 2020-12-08

November 2020 Central Indiana Climate Summary

Published 2020-12-04

Brief Review of the Strong Winds of November 15

Published 2020-11-18

We Want Your Input on the Use of NWS Frost and Freeze Products and Services

Published 2020-11-17

Recent November Warm Spell Review

Published 2020-11-11

Central Indiana October 2020 Climate Summary

Published 2020-11-04

Locally Heavy Rain Possible This Week

Published 2020-10-27

Locally heavy rain possible this week

Brief Review of the Oct 23 Severe Storms

Published 2020-10-24

Winter Outlook

Published 2020-10-16

September 2020 Climate Summary

Published 2020-10-07

Dry Conditions Across Central Indiana

Published 2020-10-06

New Radar Display Coming to NWS Websites

Published 2020-09-17

Summer 2020 Climate Summary

Published 2020-09-06

August 2020 Climate Summary

Published 2020-09-06

Prepare for Fall weather hazards by visiting our Fall Safety website!

Published 2020-09-01

Brief Review of the August 10 Severe Storms (Updated 8/13)

Published 2020-08-11

July 2020 Climate Summary

Published 2020-08-06

Brief Review of July 21 Severe Storms

Published 2020-07-22

Seeking Comments on New Web Display of NWS Radar

Published 2020-07-14

Brief Review of Severe Storms of July 11

Published 2020-07-13

June 2020 Climate Summary

Published 2020-07-04

Soliciting comments thru Aug 21 on proposed major changes to the Watch, Warning, and Advisory system

Published 2020-06-11

The proposal is to replace "Advisory", "Special Weather Statement", and "Short Term Forecast" headlines with generic, plain language statements to convey information for lower-level hazardous events that are not expected to reach the “Watch” or "Warning" levels.

Spring 2020 Climate Summary

Published 2020-06-07

Get ready for summer weather hazards by visiting our Summer Safety website!

Published 2020-05-26

April 2020 Climate Summary

Published 2020-05-05

Cold Temperatures Ahead

Published 2020-05-04

Severe Weather Outbreak April 8th 2020

Published 2020-04-10

Interested in Learning About Weather? Here are Some Great Resources from Home!

Published 2020-04-09

April 8 Severe Weather Storm Survey Information

Published 2020-04-09

Summary of March 28th Severe Storms and Flooding

Published 2020-04-01

Several rounds of thunderstorms moved through central Indiana beginning during the late morning on Saturday March 26th. These storms brought large hail during the day followed by flash flooding and damaging winds during the evening hours. A microburst caused significant damage to portions of Mooresville.


Published 2020-03-17

Winter 2019-20 Climate Summary

Published 2020-03-05

February 2020 Climate Summary

Published 2020-03-03

Muncie NWR, KJY-93 Back On the Air

Published 2020-02-22

The National Weather Service Celebrates 150 Years on February 9th

Published 2020-02-07

The National Weather Service will be celebrating 150 Years on February 9th.

January 2020 Climate Summary

Published 2020-02-06

Brief Review of the January 9-11 Heavy Rain Event

Published 2020-01-13

2019 Central Indiana Climate Summary

Published 2020-01-02

December 2019 Climate Summary

Published 2020-01-02

Brief Review of the December 15-16 Snow

Published 2019-12-17

Fall 2019 Climate Summary

Published 2019-12-09

Central Indiana November Climate Summary

Published 2019-12-04

Give the Gift of NOAA Weather Radio

Published 2019-11-29

Brief Review of the November Snow & Record Cold

Published 2019-11-12

Standard Time Returns at 2:00 AM

Published 2019-11-02

October 2019 Climate Summary

Published 2019-11-02

Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador Program Reaches 10,000 Strong

Published 2019-10-29

New Experimental Graphical Hazardous Weather Outlook

Published 2019-10-03

September 2019 Climate Summary

Published 2019-10-01

Questions about NWS Radar and Flash

Published 2019-09-16

Summer 2019 Climate Summary

Published 2019-09-11

Get ready for fall weather hazards by visiting our Fall Safety website!

Published 2019-09-08

August 2019 Central Indiana Climate Summary

Published 2019-09-03

Anniversary of the August 24, 2016 Tornadoes

Published 2019-08-24

Brief Reviews of the August 13, 18, and 20 Severe Weather Now Available on the Events Page

Published 2019-08-22

July 2019 Central Indiana Climate Summary

Published 2019-08-04

June 2019 Climate Summary

Published 2019-07-08

Summary of Severe Reports from June 30 Storms

Published 2019-07-02

View the Past Events Page to See Reviews of Recent Severe Weather (Including June 23)

Published 2019-06-25

Spring 2019 Climate Summary

Published 2019-06-10

Review of the May 27 Tornadoes and Severe Weather

Published 2019-05-29

NWS Indy Teams Out Surveying Damage Today--updated for initial rating information

Published 2019-05-28

Brief Review of the May 19 Severe Weather

Published 2019-05-19

April 2019 Climate Summary

Published 2019-05-06

Brief Review of the April 25 Tornadoes

Published 2019-04-28

Individual County Tornado Stats Updated for Tornadoes of 2018

Published 2019-04-05

March 2019 Central Indiana Climate Summary

Published 2019-04-03

Brief Review of the March 14 Tornado and Wind Event

Published 2019-03-16

Winter 2018-19 Climate Summary

Published 2019-03-11

February 2019 Climate Summary

Published 2019-03-03

Brief Review of the Damaging Winds of February 24

Published 2019-02-27

January 2019 Climate Summary

Published 2019-02-04

Brief Look at the Recent Cold

Published 2019-01-31

Accumulating Snow Tonight into Early Friday

Published 2019-01-31

Brief Review of the January 19 Winter Storm

Published 2019-01-23

Fall 2018 Climate Summary

Published 2018-12-07

Central Indiana November 2018 Climate Summary

Published 2018-12-04

Brief Review of the November 14-15 Ice Storm

Published 2018-11-16

October 2018 Climate Summary

Published 2018-11-02

Brief Review of the Strong Winds of October 20

Published 2018-10-21

September 2018 Climate Summary

Published 2018-10-02

National Wireless Emergency Alert Test, October 3

Published 2018-09-13

Brief Review of the Heavy Rains of September 7 & 8

Published 2018-09-10

Latest River Stages and Forecasts

Published 2018-09-09

August 2018 Climate Summary

Published 2018-09-02

Brief Review of the Aug 25 Severe Weather (Updated 8/27)

Published 2018-08-27

July 2018 Climate Summary

Published 2018-08-02

June 2018 Climate Summary

Published 2018-07-01

Heat Safety Tips and Resources

Published 2018-06-15

A link to NWS heat safety information

Brief Review of the Severe Storms/Heavy Rain of June 10-13

Published 2018-06-14


Published 2018-06-02

Brief Look at Alberto Remnants

Published 2018-06-01

Brief Summary of May 31 Severe Storms

Published 2018-06-01

A Hot May in Indy

Published 2018-05-31

April 2018 Climate Summary

Published 2018-05-01

Brief Review of the Tornadoes and Severe Weather of April 3

Published 2018-04-06

March 2018 Climate Summary

Published 2018-04-02

Live Online Spotter Training This Thursday and Friday

Published 2018-03-29

Here is an announcement about our premiere live online spotter training!

Brief Review of the March 24 Heavy Snow

Published 2018-03-25

Winter 2017-18 Climate Summary

Published 2018-03-03

January 2018 Climate Summary

Published 2018-02-01

Brief Review of the January 12 Snow and Ice

Published 2018-01-13

Wintry Mix and Slick Roads Today

Published 2018-01-11

December 2017 Climate Summary

Published 2018-01-01

Brutally Cold for New Year's Festivities

Published 2017-12-31

NWS now Hiring

Published 2017-12-15

NWS now Hiring

Monday's Solar Eclipse Info

Published 2017-06-14