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Central Indiana Drought Information


For the latest Drought Information Statement from Indianapolis, please click here (when available).

Fire weather information is available on the Fire Weather Page

Click on any image below for a larger version. Images courtesy of NOAA, Midwest Climate Center, Indiana State Climatologist Office, and the USGS.


Current Conditions:




Current Conditions



US Drought Monitor Information for Indiana: 

Drought Monitor
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- Time Series of Drought Monitor Status for a Location (Down to County level)

- Tutorial on the Drought Monitor


Drought Indices


Long Term Palmer Index Precipitation Needed to Bring Palmer to -.5 (Near Normal)
Drought Severity Index (Long Term Palmer) Additional Precipitation Needed to Bring Palmer Index to Near Normal

Drought Portal Link


30 Day, 90 Day, 180 Day, and 365 Day Precipitation Percent of Normal:


90 Day Percent of Mean Precipitation 90 day percent of mean
Precipitation Percent of Mean  for 180 days 365 day departure


Plot of Year-to-Date Temperatures and Precipitation for Indianapolis (Other cities are available), and Plot of Snow Year (July-June) for Indianapolis.  (Indianapolis Snow Year Plot)


Indianapolis Climate Plot Indiana Snow Year plot



Soil Moisture Percentile:

(more soil moisture info here)

Current Top 1 M Soil Moisture


Vegetation Drought Response Index

Vegetation Drought Response Index


Stream flow for Rivers Across Indiana (all stream flow images from USGS)


Percentile of StreamFlow for Indiana Rivers


streamflow key








Latest 5-Day Total Precipitation Forecast (updated daily by 7 p.m. EDT) from WPC:



8-14 day precipitation outlook:

8-14 day precipitation outlook

Climate Prediction Center 8 to 14 day outlooks

Latest One Month Precipitation Outlook from the Climate Prediction Center:


Latest Three-Month Precipitation Outlook from the Climate Prediction Center:

Three MonthPrecip Outlook from CPC


Drought Outlook:

Drought Outlook