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 holiday shopping season is officially underway.  Give some thought to putting a NOAA Weather Radio on your shopping list or wish list.  The radios can provide attended and unattended monitoring for hazards 24 hours a day, year around.   They come in portable and desktop versions, and standalone as well as multi-band units.  Alerts can be set for any counties served by a transmitter, unlike alerts from cell phones that are based on the cell tower you are connected to.NOAA All Hazards Weather Radio logos and wording

Make NOAA Weather Radio one of your sources for receiving weather warnings.  Do not rely on cell phones alone.  In addition to tower and network service issues in an emergency, phones themselves may be on Do Not Disturb, have dead batteries, be out of audible range, or easily ignored.

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The gift of NOAA Weather Radio; it may someday save your life or the life of someone you know.