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530 pm update -- The NWS team has completed their survey of the Middletown survey.  The first tracked for .58 miles with a max width of 50 yards and max speed of 110 mph.  The second was SE of Middletown which was as wide as 1400 yards and on the ground for 2.91 miles.  The max speed was 110 mph.


230 pm update-- The NWS survey team has completed their survey of the Pendleton to Huntsville survey. The EF-2 tornado tracked for 5.98 miles with max width of 100 yards and max wind speed of 130 mph. See the following link for details 


12:30 pm update--The NWS survey team confirmed EF-1 tornado damage south of Middletown, Indiana in Henry county. Path length TBD.


11:50 am update--The NWS survey team found EF-2 damage northeast of Huntsville, Indiana (along the same path as Pendleton). Survey is still ongoing.


10:50 am update--An NWS survey team confirmed tornado damage at Pendleton, Indiana from May 27th was from a tornado. The team is still determining the EF rating and path length. More information will be released as it becomes available.


Weather Service has dispatched teams this morning to conduct storm surveys.

Two teams will investigate potential tornado damage in Pendleton and Huntsville in Madison County...and east to Middletown in Henry County. We are working with emergency managers within the affected counties to determine the specific plans for the damage surveys for today. As results of these surveys are determined they will be shared via additional Public Information Statements and our social media platforms. Another team may be sent to Tippecanoe County tomorrow to survey storm damage in the Otterbein and Montmorenci areas.

If you have observed any weather-related damage...please report it to the National Weather Service in Indianapolis.