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Text Messages:

Daily Coop Text Messages (messages are for the previous 24 hours ending at 7am)

Daily CoCoRaHs Messages (messages are for the previous 24 hours ending at 7am)


Daily Coop Maps Have Been Discontinued as of November 28, 2016. An alternative source for maps is the Midwest Climate Center


Product Descriptions:

The methods used to compile the data presented on this page are varied based on the type of information. Below is a brief explanation of each product.  We would appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have. You may contact us at ...  Please reference the COOP DATA PAGE as your subject.

All of the data presented here is provided by a large group of dedicated volunteers.

Coop observers are the behind the scene employees who have committed themselves to gathering vital information daily and providing it to the National Weather Service for use in our daily weather and hydrological forecasts. This information is also the foundation of the national climatic database which is used in all weather related scientific studies and programs.

Amateur radio operators are also a strong supporter of the National Weather Service in many ways. Their severe weather reporting and coordination efforts are critical to the operations of the NWS and safety of area residents. Across Indiana, the amateurs in conjunction with NWS have been gathering rainfall data since 1980 as the Indiana Wet Net. This additional information has been especially helpful during periods of heavy rain when rivers and streams start to rise. The Amateur radio operator's information is now included in the CoCoRaHs messages.

It is difficult to be able to thank all of those volunteers personally. We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the excellent work they do and thank them all for their dedication to the NWS and their local communities.        

Text Messages:

Daily CoCoRaHS Messages...text products for the past 7 days as depicted by the day of the week. These are produced daily at approximately 10:10 am each day. This product is derived from daily CoCoRaHS reports from across the state. These readings generally occur between 6 and 8 am and reflect data for the previous 24 hours. The data collection, product preparation and transmission to this web site are automatic. More information on the CoCoRaHS program can be found at the CoCoRaHS website.