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Tippecanoe County:

Two tornadoes occurred in the Lafayette area.  The initial touchdown was a brief F0 in cornfields near Romney, causing no damage.  The supercell that spawned this tornado moved northeast and produced its second tornado in Dayton. This tornado caused significant tree damage and blew parts of roofs off two buildings. The Dayton  tornado continued moving northeast with sporadic damage until reaching large homes approximately 1.5 miles northeast of Dayton.  Two homes were nearly destroyed on Halifax Lane. "This second tornado, removing a rooftop and the second floor of one house, was consistent with a high F2 rating," said Sally Pavlow, Meteorologist.  "That would place the tornado winds close to 150 mph," she said, referring to the Fujita Damage Intensity Scale used to rate tornado damage.


Tornado near Dayton, Indiana 1 Tornado near Dayton, Indiana 2 Tornado near Dayton, Indiana 3 Tornado near Dayton, Indiana 4 Tornado near Dayton, Indiana 5

Tornado near Dayton, Indiana, May 30, 2004. Photo Courtesy of Ross Ellet.


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