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Catahoula/Tensas/Madison Parish Tornado

Event Summary

A tornado moving rapidly northeast on an intermittent path began in extreme northeast Catahoula Parish in Foules where it destroyed 12 mobile homes, a church and damaged 3 single family homes. The Catahoula Emergency Management Office said the tornado did an estimated $318,000 damage to property in the Foules area. In addition, 3 people were injured in Foules around 9:55 pm. The tornado moved into rural Tensas Parish and struck the Cooter Point community where it destroyed a mobile home, partially destroyed 8 homes and injured 6 people around 10:15 pm. The tornado continued rapidly northeast across the northern part of Tensas Parish before entering rural Madison Parish where it destroyed 2 mobile homes and 3 barns. The tornado heavily damaged 2 homes and injured 2 people 4 miles southeast of Tallulah about 10:55 pm.

Estimated Maximum Wind:
Deaths: 0 | Injuries: 11
Damage Path Length:
46 miles
Maximum Path Width:
200 yards
Approximate Start Point/Time:
9:55 pm
Approximate End Point/Time:
4 SE Tallulah
10:55 pm