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Jefferson Davis/Covington County Tornado

Event Summary

This tornado touched down 8 miles southwest of Carson. Then it moved northeast and exited the county at 11:45 pm along US Highway 84 2 miles east southeast of Mount Carmel. The tornado then moved to a point 4 miles southwest of Mount Olive at 11:55 pm and began to turn more northeasterly. It continued through the town of Mount Olive and lifted 2 miles northeast of town at 12:05 am.

Within Jefferson Davis County, a total of 14 homes were destroyed in addition to numerous downed trees. Five people were injured. As the tornado moved along MS Highway 35, several well built homes were destroyed. In Mount Olive, 32 homes were destroyed and 55 others were damaged with over 100 people injured.

Rating: F3
Estimated Maximum Wind: NA
Casualties: Deaths: 0 | Injuries: 105+
Damage Path Length: 29 miles
Maximum Path Width: 1/2 mile
Approximate Start Point/Time: 8 SW Carson
11:23 pm
Approximate End Point/Time: 2 NE Mount Olive
12:05 am