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Chicot County Tornado

Beginning Point: 7 WNW Lake Village 652pm
Ending Point: 10 N Lake Village 710 pm
Rating: EF-2 on the Enhanced Fujita scale with maximum winds of 115 mph
Path Length: 10 miles
Maximum Width: 400 yd

Summary of Damage:

Hundreds of hardwood trees snapped and uprooted. Several softwood trees snapped and uprooted. A mobile home was flipped over and destroyed. Several sheds, barns, outbuildings and unattached carports were damaged and destroyed. Several fences were damaged. A 50 foot antenna was knocked down. Two boats were damaged. A single family home had minor shingle damage, damage to siding, and window damage. A window was blown out of a car. The rollup door for a tractor shed was damaged. A trampoline was blown around 75 yards and damaged. Around 15 wooden power poles were also snapped.


Pictures of the EF-2 tornado crossing Hwy 65, courtesy of Chicot Emergency Manager Mike Morgan.


Damage pictures from Chicot county