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Damage Survey from Jones County






Location: Jones County
Time of Event: 108 AM 12/10/08
Beginning Point: 3 NNE Ellisville
Ending Point: 4 NE Ellisville
Rating: EF1 95 MPH
Path Length: 1 Mile
Maximum Width: 150 Yards
Fatalities: 0
Injuries: 2

Summary of Damages: Numerous hardwood and softwood trees snapped and uprooted. Damage occurred to 1 home and an unoccupied building. The unoccupied building was the most heavily damaged with two broken windows and damage to the roof, eves, and siding. Two outbuildings were also damaged. One power pole was snapped high off the ground. A highway sign was blown over and a business sign was also turned over. Some of the trees were blown onto Interstate 59. Two motorists were injured when their vehicles impacted the trees.