National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

Lowndes County Preliminary Damage Report

Beginning Point: 4.5 mi Southwest of Caledonia

Ending Point: 4.5 mi Northeast of Caledonia but continues across state line into Lamar County, AL

Rating: EF-3 with maximum winds of 155 MPH

Path Length: 9 miles in Lowndes County

Maximum Width: 400 yards

Casualties: 12 injuries

Summary of Damage: The highest rating was at the school complex in Caledonia, where a school gym was nearly destroyed, a Vocational Tech building was nearly destroyed, and a school bus landed on top of the building. Also, numerous trees were snapped and uprooted; numerous homes sustained significant roof damage and collapsed walls; several sheds and outbuildings were destroyed; there was significant damage to a church roof and walls; light poles downed; the football press box and concession stands were destroyed; numerous power lines down; high tension power line truss blown over; several mobile homes were damaged and/or destroyed; nearly 20 cars flipped and/or moved up to 150 yards; 5 buses damaged with 1 lifted on top of a building; a horse barn was destroyed; a combine harvester was blown into the trees and severely damaged.