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An Outbreak of Severe Weather Brings Hail, Wind Damage, and Tornadoes to Portions of the ArkLaMiss







During the afternoon and evening of April 9th and overnight hours of the 10th, an outbreak of severe storms and tornadoes occurred across the ArkLaMiss region and pushed east through northern Louisiana and into northern Mississippi. Numerous reports of large hail and wind damage were reported along with a few tornadoes. One of the strongest storms moved east across Ashley County Arkansas. This storm produced a tornado over the SW and southern end, and contained a swath of quarter to golf ball sized hail which occurred across the entire length of the county. 

Overall, this event has produced around 300 reports of severe weather. The next was a larger event where more than 450 reports of severe weather occurred. The images below shows where the majority of the reports occurred.




Damage Surveys: