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New Year's 2011 Severe Weather Event

New Year's Day 2011 Noxubee County Tornado

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Noxubee County Tornado

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Event Summary

Initial damage was numerous snapped hard and softwood trees along E. Spann Road. The tornado moved northeast and caused significant damage to a dairy farm on Paulette Road. Numerous buildings were destroyed including a barn, a milk house, a silo, and a mobile home. The tornado also uprooted large trees and snapped several power poles. A horse trailer tumbled for approximately 100 yards. Debris was scattered approximately one mile to the northeast. The tornado continued on and destroyed a metal farm building and an office off of Stan Tabor Road and also pushed an 18 wheeler approximately 25 yards. The 2nd story of a home was destroyed along with a metal building just off of Hwy 14. Numerous trees were snapped at this location with one tree being completely debarked.

The tornado continued on and destroyed some metal buildings at a pig farm and also overturned a pivot. A barn was destroyed along with roof damage to a home along Stoke Williams Road. The tornado ended near Koehn Road where a few trees were snapped. The tornado was rated EF-3 based on the damage to the dairy farm and the metal building off of Stan Tabor Road. The remainder of the damage was generally EF-1 in nature.

Estimated Maximum Wind:
140 mph
1 minor injury
Damage Path Length:
9 miles
Maximum Path Width:
3/4 mile
Approximate Start Point/Time:

7 miles SE Macon

Approximate End Point/Time:
12 miles ENE Macon