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Copiah and Hinds Counties Tornado

Event Summary

The tornado touched down just west of Galliton Road and tracked northeast across Highway 27, Mitchell Lane and Mitchell Road, into Hinds County where it crossed Haley Road. The tornado then crossed Midway Road at the intersection of Haley Road before crossing I-55 and dissipating just east of Cherry Grove Road. The most intense damage was around Mitchell Lane/Mitchell Road where one wood framed home was pushed off the foundation and destroyed. Another wood framed home was pushed off the foundation. 3 to 4 mobile homes were heavily damaged as they were pushed off the foundations. In Hinds County, a well built home had a large section of the roof removed and carport was blown apart. Major tree damage occurred along the path, especially within the 3 miles of heaviest damage.

Estimated Maximum Wind:
115 mph
2 injuries
Damage Path Length:
7 miles
Maximum Path Width:
1/4 miles
Approximate Start Point/Time:

5 NW Crystal Springs

Approximate End Point/Time:

2 SSW Terry  3:24pm