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Holmes County Tornado

Event Summary

The tornado started near Fowler Road, where a few trees were snapped and continued northeast to Highway 12. Here, numerous large hardwood and softwood trees were snapped along with several power poles. The tornado was rated an EF-2 at this point. The tornado continued northeast and crossed Ellington Road, where it snapped several more large hardwood trees. The tornado snapped several more power poles along with several hardwood trees off of Bowling Green Road before it crossed over I-55. The tornado was at its widest point after it crossed I-55, where it snapped numerous trees along County Road 68. The tornado continued northeast and snapped several large trees along Brister Road. The tornado ended near Stran Road, where it snapped numerous soft and hardwood trees, and also damaged the roof of a barn.

Estimated Maximum Wind:
130 mph
Damage Path Length:
9 miles
Maximum Path Width:
1 mile
Approximate Start Point/Time:

5 ESE Lexington

Approximate End Point/Time:

2.5 SW West   1:50am