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Lauderdale County Tornado

Event Summary

This was a rather weak tornado that started just northwest of the Nellieburg Community. The damage was the most severe here where minor roof damage occurred to a few homes and several pines and hardwoods were uprooted. Most of the tin roof of a barn was removed here, and a large part of a large oak tree fell on a mobile home. As the tornado tracked northeast, it weakened and only a few trees were blown down. Just before it dissispated a little north of the Marion Community, minor roof damage(mostly lost shingles) occurred to 8 homes and there were also a few small pine trees blown down.

Estimated Maximum Wind:
80 mph
Damage Path Length:
12 miles
Maximum Path Width:
100 yards
Approximate Start Point/Time:

7.5 NW Meridian

Approximate End Point/Time:

9 N Meridian  5:59pm