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The remnants of Tropical Storm Lee brought flooding rains to much of Central Mississippi. This caused significant flash flooding as well as river flooding, mainly along the Pearl River. The large amount of rain that fell over Labor Day weekend broke many records at the Central Mississippi climate sites, especially at the Jackson-Evers International Airport. Light rain began at Jackson during the early morning hours of September 3rd, with light to moderate rain continuing through the daytime hours of the 4th. On the evening of September 4th, a band of moderate to heavy rain developed along the Interstate 20 corridor, producing rainfall rates approaching two inches per hour. Rainfall finally began to taper off around sunrise and all but ended before noon on the 5th. All told, the 11.15 inches of rain that fell at Jackson-Evers International Airport broke several rainfall records, including many multi-day rainfall records.  The following tables show broken all-time records for Jackson, daily records for our climate sites and the top rainfall totals received(11 inches and higher). 


Jackson All- time Records
Record Type Rain(inches) Previous Record Previous Record Date
 24 hour record(9am 9/4-9am 9/5) 10.68 8.50 11am 4/6/03-11am 4/7/03
2 day record 10.82 8.54 4/11-4/12/79
3 day record 11.15 9.81 4/11-4/13/80
4 day record 11.15 9.82 4/11-4/14/80
5 day record 11.15 9.82 4/11-4/15/80
6 day record 11.15 10.45 4/8-4/13/80
7 day record 11.15 10.55 4/7-4/13/80
Daily Records
Site (ID) Date Rain(inches) Previous Record(Year)
Hattiesburg(HBG) 9/3 2.95 2.00(1986)
Hattiesburg(HBG) 9/4 2.82 2.03(1988)
Tallulah- Vicksburg(TVR) 9/4 3.05 2.79(2001)
Jackson(JAN) 9/4 5.12 2.37(1949)
Tallulah-Vicksburg(TVR) 9/5 1.02 0.95(2007)
Jackson(JAN) 9/5 5.70 1.48(1906)



Top Storm Total Rainfall Reports
County/Parish City Rain Amount(inches) Through Time/Date Source
Rankin Florence 1 E 13.55 Total CoCoRaHS
Scott Forest 12.82 Total COOP
Leake Walnut Grove 12.59 7am 9/5 COOP
Neshoba Philadelphia 8 SSE 12.03 Total CoCoRaHS
Leake Walnut Grove/Tuscolameta Creek 12.02 Total DCP
Neshoba Philadelphia 5 E 12.00 Total CoCoRaHS
Lamar Hattiesburg 8 WSW 11.64 Total CoCoRaHS
Jefferson Davis Prentiss 11.33 Total COOP
Rankin Richland WSW 11.29 Total CoCoRaHS
Rankin Jackson Intl. Airport(JAN) 11.15 Total ASOS
Rankin Pearl 3 ESE 11.14 Total CoCoRaHS



Tropical Storm Lee flooding pictures

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