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January 17, 2012 Marion County Tornado

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Event Summary

The tornado first touched down along Mail Route Road and tracked across a farm, uprooting and snapping trees and causing minor damage to sheds and fences. The tornado then crossed Clear Creek Church Road where it reached its maximum intensity. A well anchored single wide trailer was destroyed with the contents tossed into the nearby woods. A well built shed was also destroyed with the contents deposited into the woods. A wood frame home received damage to one wall and had numerous shingles torn off. Two power poles were snapped off at this location. An impressive number of hard wood trees were snapped in this location as well. The tornado continued moving northeast producing low end EF-1 tree damage, while crossing several dirt roads before dissipating.

The National Weather Service thanks Marion County Emergency Management for their outstanding assistance in providing real time damage reports and helping with this survey.

Estimated Maximum Wind:
115 mph
2 injuries
Damage Path Length:
3 miles
Maximum Path Width:
1/4 mile
Approximate Start Point/Time:

4 NE Sandy Hook
4:02 pm

Approximate End Point/Time:
7 NE Sandy Hook
4:06 pm