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During the late afternoon and evening hours of June 11, a sprawling linear complex of storms moved southward across the Jackson, MS forecast area.  Widespread tree and power line damage occurred and 60-70 mph winds impacted the area.  At the height of the storm, roughly 45,000 Entergy customers were without power.  There were also pockets of more significant winds and damage.  Locations in Sunflower County, around Ruleville and Indianola, were especially hard hit.  Winds were likely around 80 mph and caused significant roof damage to the North Sunflower Medical Center in Ruleville and a couple of other buildings in Indianola. Additionally, an 81 mph gust was measured in Isola, which is in northern Humphreys County. Wind was not the only severe weather hazard during this event.  Lightning was extreme and some homes were struck causing damage. One home, in Brandon, MS, was significantly burned after a lightning strike caused a fire.  Heavy rain and flash flooding also occurred with a few locations receiving 3 to 6 inches.  The worst flooding occurred in Cleveland and in Jackson.

This event was not just confined to the Jackson, MS forecast area.  This storm system was very large for this time of year and especially for the part of the country it impacted.  The system originated in central Missouri during the early morning hours of June 11.  The complex expanded and intensified as it move southeast through midday and early afternoon before shifting more southward for late afternoon and evening.  Across the region, over 400 reports of severe weather were noted, with the vast majority of those being damaging winds.

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