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Scott and Newton County Tornado

Scott and Newton County Tornado

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Event Summary

This tornado began along Old Jackson Road east of Hillsboro. Initially the tornado tracked southeast downing multiple trees as it crossed Harrison Road and MS Highway 21. There were also a few homes with roof damage in this area and outbuildings damaged by fallen trees. The tornado then began a more easterly course along Greer Road and began to snap and uproot several additional trees as it crossed Ephesus Road, Langsmill Road, and Russell Community Road. Along Russell Community Road multiple trees fell on structures, including one that fell through a home causing an injury. The tornado continued eastward, downing additional trees and caused minor roof damage at a residence on George Road.

Estimated Maximum Wind:
140 mph
0 deaths, 1 injury
Damage Path Length:
16.25 miles
Maximum Path Width:
1/2 mile
Approximate Start Point/Time:
3 SE Harperville
Approximate End Point/Time:
5 NE Lawrence

As the tornado reached the Lewis Road area, there was a notable increase in the number of hardwood trees that were snapped along the path. Along the northern end of the track...part of the roof of a small barn was removed. Extensive tree damage continued to the Salem Road area, where the tornado reached its peak intensity of around 140 mph. At this location three large steel transmission towers were bent toward the ground between Salem Road and Jim Owens Road. Along Jim Owens Road, a large shed and a travel trailer were demolished. Farther east the tornado blew a mobile home into the roadway at Conehatta Road. The roof and walls were separated from the undercarriage and the contents of the home were scattered in the area. There were two occupants in the home at the time, and both escaped without significant injury. Along Stroud Road portions of the roof of an outbuilding were removed and a small silo was blown over before the tornado crossed into Newton County.

The tornado crossed Tuscolameta Creek, continuing to uproot and snap several trees as it passed across the southern end of the town of Conehatta. A small shed was demolished along Hoye Pace Road. Additional homes suffered roof damage along Newton-Conehatta Road and Caney Creek Road. One mobile home was shifted off its foundation and an adjacent barn had much of its metal roof removed. An outbuilding was destroyed by a falling tree along Woodrow Ezell Road. Farther east, much of a metal roof was removed from a shed along Pleasant Valley Road and a home sustained roof damage along Braddock Road. Additional tree damage occurred as the tornado tracked eastward nearly paralleling Braddock Road before lifting near Beaver Dam Road.