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December 25, 2012 Forrest County Tornado

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Event Summary

This is a continuation of a tornado track that began in Pearl River County near McNeill and continued through northwestern Stone County before moving into Forrest County. After passing through Forrest County this tornado continued to produce damage into Perry County. The statistics above pertain to only the portion of the track in Forrest County. For further information please visit: and

Numerous soft and hardwood trees were snapped and uprooted. Mulitple power poles were snapped. Two double wide mobile homes were completely destroyed, a pickup truck was rolled, single-wide mobile home also suffered major damage. Large oaks were uprooted and a travel trailer was demolished by a falling tree.

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EF-2 (EF-3 for the entire track)
Estimated Maximum Wind: 130 mph (140 mph for the entire track)
Casualties: 0 deaths; 4 injuries (12 for the entire track)
Damage Path Length: 7.5 miles (60.8 miles for the entire track)
Maximum Path Width: 300 yards
Approximate Start Point/Time:

5 SSW Maxie (2.8 SW McNeill for entire track)
3:55 pm (3:10 pm for entire track)

Approximate End Point/Time:

3 E Maxie (McLain for entire track)
4:05 pm (4:34 pm for entire track)