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Event Summary

Heavy, and much needed, rain fell beginning on September 20th and continued into the 21st ahead of an approaching cold front. High moisture content was present ahead of this front as atmospheric profiles showed moisture content nearing two standard deviations above normal for late September. This set the stage for several inches of rain to fall over a region that was seeing below normal monthly rainfall, burn bans and high fire danger. A steady rain fell during the overnight hours of the 20th into the 21st, bringing widespread 1 to 3 inches of rain to the ArkLaMiss. The heaviest rain fell along the Natchez Trace Parkway corridor, where 3 to 5 inches of rain fell. Some flash flooding was reported resulting from some of the heaviest rainbands.

In addition to the needed rainfall, 6 tornadoes occurred across portions of the ArkLaMiss. Just enough wind shear was present across the region as a surface low tracked just along the Natchez Trace. These tornadoes were very small, very quick and brief occurrences embedded in the rain shield. The first four tornadoes occurred in smaller discrete cells, while the last two occurred in a strong rainband. Much of the damage was minor and no fatalities or injuries occurred.


Tornado Track Map

Track Map

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Location Start/
End Time
Event Type Fatalities/
Path Length Path Width
Sunflower County
6 ENE Renova
7:24 pm -
7:25 pm
EF-0 Tornado
75 mph
none 1/2 mile 100 yards
Simpson County
4 S White Oak to 2 SSE White Oak
9:57pm -
10:05 pm
EF-0 Tornado
75 mph
none 2.3 miles 50 yards
Adams County
1 SW Kingston to 1 W Kingston
11:30 pm -
11:33 pm
EF-2 Tornado
115 mph
none 1 mile 200 yards
Adams County
2 E Cranfield
11:54 pm -
11:56 pm
EF-1 Tornado
100 mph
none 0.3 miles 200 yards
Rankin County
6 W Polkville to 5.5 W Polkville
2:53 am -
2:54 am
EF-1 Tornado
100 mph
none 0.5 miles 100 yards
Smith County
3 WNW Pineville
3:33 am -
3:35 am
EF-1 Tornado
95 mph
none 0.75 miles 50 yards


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Mississippi Rainfall Totals

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