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December 20th-21st 2013 Severe Weather

Chicot County AR - Bolivar County MS Tornado

Click on map above to see entire damage point notation and damage pictures at select points.

Event Summary

A long track tornado touched down along Highway 65 in Chicot County, Arkansas, where numerous power poles were snapped and two eighteen wheelers flipped over causing 2 minor injuries. Damage occurred to several homes and farm buildings and heavy roof damage occurred to the Yellow Bend Port facility. This tornado was initially in Chicot County, moved into Desha County, and then moved back into Chicot County. The tornado then crossed the Mississippi River into Bolivar County, Mississippi. The tornado was rated EF-1 in Chicot County and was given an overall rating of EF-2 due to damage in Mississippi.

In Bolivar County, Mississippi, numerous power poles were snapped. A well built tractor shed was destroyed and several farm buildings were damaged. The tornado was rated EF-2 with max winds of 115 MPH with a total path length of 41 miles in Chicot, Desha, and Bolivar counties.

Estimated Maximum Wind:
115 mph
0 Fatalities / 2 Injuries
Damage Path Length:
41 miles
Maximum Path Width:
1/4 mile
Approximate Start Point/Time:
5 ESE Dermott, AR
4:51pm 12/21
Approximate End Point/Time:
5 NNW Cleveland, MS
5:28pm 12/21