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North Hinds County EF-1 Tornado

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Event Summary
This tornado began along Goat Hill Road snapping several trees. A large tree branch fell on a fence at the intersection of Goat Hill and Anderson roads. The tornado was rather broad as it moved northeast generally along Highway 22. Along Good Hope Road, a tin carport was destroyed and several trees were broken and uprooted. Significant roofing material was torn off a house along Highway 22, and some of the roof material was thrown across the street destroying a fence on the other side. The tornado continued northeast snapping and uprooting several trees near the intersection of Queen Hill Road and Farr Road. The tornado was most intense as it crossed Williams Lake Road just north of Live Oak Road where numerous trees were snapped and uprooted. The tornado weakened as it crossed Bolton-Brownsville Road and Jimmy Williams Road snapping a few trees as it passed. It dissipated just after crossing McGuffee Road where a couple trees were uprooted.

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Estimated Maximum Wind: 110 mph
Fatalities/Injuries: none
Damage Path Length: 13.75 miles
Maximum Path Width: 500 yards
Approximate Start Point/Time:

1.5 N Edwards
5:20 pm

Approximate End Point/Time:

6.25 NNW Clinton
5:42 pm