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Leake/Neshoba/Winston Counties (Four Corners) EF-1 Tornado


Event Summary
This tornado touched down along Highway 25 in far northeast Leake County. It tracked northeast for roughly 3 miles and crossed the far northwestern corner of Neshoba County and then into the southwestern portion of Winston County, where it crossed Highway 19. Much of this path occurred in the damage path of the large Louisville tornado from April 2014. Along Highway 25, the initial damage was to a home where part of the roof was torn off with roofing debris thrown onto the highway. The remainder of the damage was snapped or uprooted trees as it moved northeast.

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Estimated Maximum Wind: 100 mph
Fatalities/Injuries: none
Damage Path Length: 3 miles
Maximum Path Width: 300 yards
Approximate Start Point/Time:

4 SE Zama
12:30 am

Approximate End Point/Time:

5.3 ESE Zama
12:34 am