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February 7, 2018 Severe Weather Event


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Track Map



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Location Start/
End Time
Event Type Fatalities/
Path Length Path Width
Lauderdale County
6 SW of Suqualena to 3 SE of Suqualena
04:15 AM -
04:26 AM
EF-1 Tornado
110 mph
none 8.0 miles 300 yards



Lauderdale County EF-1 Tornado


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Track Summary

This tornado touched down along Bogue Statinea Road and tracked east-northeast for roughly 8 miles. The initial damage was a few uprooted and snapped pine trees from touchdown and as it crossed Bogue Flower Road. The intensity increased as the tornado crossed some private property just west of the intersection of Bogue Statinea Road and Suqualena Meehan Road. Here part of a roof of a metal barn was removed with a large metal truss thrown onto a framed house. Roof damage was sustained to this home along with portions of the shed heavily damaged. Heavier tree damage was also noted here as the tornado crossed a pasture. The most intense damage occurred in and around the intersection of Bogue Statinea Road and Suqualena Meehan Road. Here numerous trees were snapped and uprooted along with several power lines and poles downed. A travel trailer was rolled and small shed was destroyed. A few other structures sustained minor damage here as well. The tornado continued to the east-northeast and weakened a fair amount as it crossed Suqualena Graham and Woods Roads. In the Tanglewood neighborhood, minor damage occurred from a few downed trees and snapped limbs to homes and a trampoline was thrown. The tornado dissipated just at Highway 19.

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Estimated Maximum Wind: 110 mph
Fatalities/Injuries: none
Damage Path Length: 8.0 miles
Maximum Path Width: 300 yards
Approximate Start Point/Time:

6 SW Suqualena
04:15 am

Approximate End Point/Time:

3 SE Suqualena
04:26 am


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