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Weather Radar near Columbus, MS (KGWX) Gets Upgrade



Bill Parker, 601-936-2189


November 9, 2017


The weather radar (KGWX) used by the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Jackson, Memphis, Huntsville, and Birmingham will be down for approximately five days beginning November 14, 2017 for technicians to install an important technological upgrade. The work on the WSR-88D has been scheduled to minimize any potential impacts to office operations.

During the outage, radar coverage is available from adjacent radar.

A crew will install a new signal processor, which replaces obsolete technology, improves processing speed and data quality, provides added functionality, and supports IT security.

This is the first of four major upgrades, known as service life extension projects, planned in the next five years to replace and refurbish major components of the 20 year old WSR-88Ds and to keep the radars operational into the 2030s. The $150M investment is being made by the three organizations that use these radars, the NOAA National Weather Service, United States Air Force and Federal Aviation Administration. The other service life extension projects include refurbishing the transmitter, pedestal, and equipment shelters.



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