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The National Weather Service in Jackson serves the river community in the ArkLaMiss region. We service several locations along the Mississippi River, along with the Pearl River, Big Black River, Pascagoula River and many other large and small river systems and creeks. We issue summaries, statements, watches, and warnings.  We also serve our forecast area with flood watches, warnings, and statements when heavy rain threatens.

Hydrologic Outlook (ESF) Latest Hydrologic Outlook
The Hydrologic Outlook is used for three purposes.  First, we issue the Flood Potential Outlook once each spring to discuss the possibility for river flooding during the spring due to snowmelt upstream and runoff due to high soil moisture.  The product is also issued when heavy rain may cause significant river flooding or flash flooding. It is usually issued a day or two in advance of the event.  
Daily River and Lake Summary (RVD) Latest Daily River & Lake Summary
The Daily River and Lake Summary is a daily report of river stages, 24 hour changes, and a five day forecast.  It also includes a few lake and reservoir stages.  All river points designated as forecast points are included in this summary.  This product is issued daily around 10am.
Flood Warning (FLW) Latest Flood Warning
A Flood Warning is issued when river flooding is expected.  It is issued once a river is forecast to go above its designated flood stage at the forecast point.  The warning will be updated by Flood Statements, unless additional flooding is forecast or the river is expected to increase into a higher flooding stage(i.e. minor flooding to moderate flooding, etc.); then another Flood Warning may be issued. 
Flood Statement (FLS) Latest Flood Statement
A Flood Statement is used to update information on a river in flood, or to terminate a flood warning.
Flood Watch (FFA) Latest Flood Watch
A Flood Watch or Flash Flood Watch is issued to inform the public and cooperating agencies that current and developing weather is such that there is a threat of rapid flooding (also known as flash flooding), or widespread river flooding.  The occurrence of flooding is neither certain nor imminent.  Persons in the watch area are advised to check flood action plans, keep informed, and be ready to take necessary actions if a warning is issued or flooding is observed.  A flash flood watch may also be issued for a dam break.
Flash Flood Warning (FFW) Latest Flash Flood Warning

A Flash Flood Warning is issued to inform the public that flooding is imminent or in progress.  It focuses on specific counties, communities, streams, or areas. Flash Flood Warnings are issued for flooding usually occurring within 6 hours of heavy rain.

A Flash Flood Emergency is an upgrade to a Flash Flood Warning. This warning is reserved for those rare situations where these criteria are met: a) reliable reports of a major/high risk dam failure, or b) extremely heavy rainfall has occurred in gages or on radar estimations which will persist for several hours, c) and clear evidence of life-threatening situations due to rapid flooding of homes, cars being swept away, along with high water rescue operations. In most cases, the Flash Flood Emergency would be issued as a follow-up to an initial Flash Flood Warning.

Flash Flood Statement (FFS) Latest Flash Flood Statement

A Flash Flood Statement is issued to supplement information in active Flash Flood Warnings, such as updated observations and impact information, or to cancel a Flash Flood Warning. It will contain more detailed impact information and/or remove parts of the geographical area covered by the original Flash Flood Warning.

Dam Break Warning (FFW)  
If a dam break has occurred or is imminent, a Flash Flood Warning is issued for the dam break.  The warning includes affected counties, the agency verifying the dam break, the name of the dam, the name of the river, the nearest downstream town and its distance from the dam, travel time of the crest, and a forecast of the crest height if known.   
Areal Flood Warning (FLW)  
An Areal Flood Warning will be issued for any high flow, overflow, or inundation in a geographical area which threatens life and property, and is not covered by a flash flood warning or river flood warning. This type of warning is different from a Flash Flood Warning in that a flash flood warning is issued when a large amount of rain is falling over an area, causing flooding. An Areal Flood Warning would be issued after the rain has ended but flooding remains an issue.
Drought Information Statement (DGT)  Latest Drought Statement
A Drought Information Statement will be issued when the U.S. Drought Monitor indicates drought intensity at the level of D2 or worse in any portion of the NWS Jackson county warning area. They should be issued at least once per month or more frequently during the following circumstances: 1. when drought conditions change, or 2. when local or regional criterion has been met requiring an update.