National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce


Forecast Times of Issuance


The fire weather forecast is issued each day by 8 am local time. The afternoon fire weather forecast is issued by 4 pm local time. If there are data collection delays, then forecast parameters have to be estimated. The forecast will be sent to the web no later than 815 am and 4 pm, respectively.  

Forestry Updates will be done under the following circumstances:

  1. When bad weather conditions favor a sudden change in the stagnation.
  2. When sudden increases and decreases of moisture are staged to move over the region, especially during very dry high fire danger conditions. 
  3. If heavy rains are on the horizon, in which the current rainfall duration needs to be changed so as to include the rainfall amounts.
  4. If a strong cold front is rapidly approaching with possible gusty winds, which could affect transport wind forecasts as well as mixing height forecasts.
  5. Lower than expected minimum humidities comes into the region especially when values are less than 30 percent, especially in high fire danger conditions.