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Every year the National Weather Service launches a campaign to recognize Weather Ready Nation Ambassadors that have excelled in their efforts to promote a Weather Ready Nation. Daniel Wilson and The Storm Alert Center in Russell County Kentucky is NWS Louisville's Ambassador of Excellence for 2022!

The Storm Alert Center in Russell County has quickly become an Ambassador of Excellence in and around the Lake Cumberland region of Kentucky.

They have engaged NWS Louisville with several great storm reports from localized summer microbursts, helping meteorologists match what they see on radar with what is occurring on the ground.

The Storm Alert Center continues to promote weather preparedness and safety with the public by promoting NWS Watches, Warnings, Advisories, and graphical messaging on various social media channels, and doing live broadcasts when hazardous weather threatens their region. This not only aids in safety and awareness, but also education.

Finally, this Ambassador of Excellence is helping keep awareness on the needs of flood victims from recent devastating floods in eastern Kentucky by sharing their stories of resilience to their audience, and helping to raise money for recovery efforts. The National Weather Service in Louisville is grateful for the Storm Alert Center's contributions to becoming a Weather Ready Nation!


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